Eight years....... we have been a family for eight years! The time sure seems to fly and also lend some perspective to me about our family journey. And what a journey it really has been! Some mountain tops, many valleys, and even a desert or two; but, we persevere. An event occurred today that gave me a landmark to witness and remember on this journey together - and this event formed a word in my mind- and that word is winning. Winning; not mission accomplished or anything, just winning. And winning is a big deal. Why is winning a big deal? For those of you just reading this blog post or getting to know us, winning is a big deal for us because of how we started as a family. Our start as a family was that of a gain, and at the same time, a loss. For Kassie and I to gain kid 1 and kid 2,  they both had to lose everything they had previously known. Kassie and I had no idea what we were getting into, which is probably fitting, because our boys didn't either. Because of this trauma, and many other traumas, and probably lots of other reasons, both our kids really struggled, and that made all of us struggle. We were a special needs family - a very special needs family. A "we can't leave the house sometimes for fear of being in public" special needs family. A "put on door alarms and lock up sharp objects kind of family". Early on, and at several midpoints in our journey when things were really hard, I would lay awake at night and ask these unanswerable questions: Would it get any easier? Is (child's name) going to need to go to a residential treatment facility because we and the school cannot accommodate him? Some people are telling us our kids are acting like this because of how we are parenting- are they right? Are Kassie and I going to be able to go out in public again? I miss feeling "normal" - will I be able to feel like that again? Will my kids be a danger to us when they get bigger and stronger to us? The biggest question I would ask myself was How is this story going to end?

For eight years I have been living out these questions, and slowly chipping away at some of these answers. And then this landmark happened today that suggested to me the times-are-a-changing. So what was this event? Ok, I will share, but before I share, I do have one caveat. This really is not meant to be braggy; I realize that some special needs children and parents (or normal needs-or whatever it should be called families) will never ever realize this, and that is not their fault or their child's. I am sharing this to give some who may have felt the same or asked the same questions I had asked HOPE. Hope is powerful. So here is what happened. We learned that one of our kids today was chosen as Student of the Month! Student of the freaking month!!!!

Celebrating this milestone!

This same kid, whom we were seriously worried about being sent to residential treatment facility because he would not be allowed to attend school just got student of the month! This kid, who was banned from bringing in anything that could resemble something sharp (like a stylus or a fork) to school just two years ago got student of the month!

So, this isn't a victory lap or anything, it really isn't, but it is a milestone. It is a significant event and reminder to let us know that we are on the right track - together. Are all my questions answered? No, and they never will be, this also doesn't mean that bad things might happen- that is what life is all about- the potential, and living with the uncertainty. But it is also about Hope. And hope springs eternal. Congratulations to kid #2 - well done. Really well done.


  1. Oh my gOodnEss! That is truly a milestone worth celebrating and remembering. I rejoice with your family. I love your boys and this made my heart smile tonight. Thank you for sharing hope.

  2. Sweet, way to go:) many more to come:)


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