I See You

I see you there, broken & hurting child.
I see the pain you mask through
through hurting
through fighting and biting and running away.

I see your deep down agony
That comes out in rage
and fear
        and destruction.

When my eyes are clear
and I look past me--
I see you.


I can read that smile like a book.
I hear the hollow ring in your laugh.

You put on a brave face for sure
but when I am seeing you
I know.

I know because I see me too.

So next time, I'll try to see you right away
Next time I'll try to get there right away
I'll try to be more
For you.
Be brave for you
Be tears for you
Be whatever you need for you.

I will see you
And I will keep seeing you
And seeing you
And seeing you

Until you can see you too.


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