Confessions of a Salad-Hater

Yeah, so, I would now call myself (mostly) vegetarian. We've been eating this way since January, and it's been going pretty well! However, one slight personal snag to this lifestyle is the fact that I don't enjoy salad very much. At all. Okay, so I'm not an out-and-out HATER, but I just don't like it much.

For one thing, it's way too much work to make salad! I mean, other than out of a bag. Getting out and prepping all of the toppings/mix-ins/dressings/etc just isn't what I want to spend my time doing, and it's not even that great for you, once you put all of that stuff on it, anyway! And if you don't put all of that stuff on it, it's really really difficult to get full. Probably really good for you, but not that much fun to eat that much roughage.

So...what's the point, really? (I mean the point of eating salad, not of this post...although on second thought....)

Well, one thing I really DO like is going out to eat. However, that has become kind of a drag now that I'm trying to eat vegetarian. Because I live in central Minnesota (that's right--it's NOT northern MN, for those of you in the Metro area. ;)), vegetarian offerings aren't exactly abundant at our local restaurants, save a few. So, what do I know I can order at almost any restaurant no matter where I am? That's right--a salad. Oh, and there's this, too--I don't like tomatoes, either. Go figure.

Something else I never would have pegged myself for would be a gardener. I'm not really known for having a green thumb. (Until this year, I've never managed to keep anything more complicated than a cactus alive...and I even have managed to kill those!) But lo and behold, last weekend I planted an entire vegetable garden, complete with lettuce, kale, and swiss chard. Yeah--salad components...not sure why--oh wait--they didn't require super-special gardening/care techniques, and they grow in this climate, and there we are.

One related aspect of gardening that I have REALLY enjoyed is that we started composting about three weeks ago. Now THAT really floats my boat. (Yeah, I know--just shake your head in disbelief now and keep reading.) I like it because those of you who know me know that I HATE to waste things--and now, even my WASTE becomes usable again--oh wait--not MY "waste"--oh kitchen scraps. I know I can be little "off" at times, but I'm not THAT gross. Sorry. Just roll with me here. 

Even though we have a garbage disposal that we've used for years, now that we've been composting, we've totally noticed a reduction in our garbage volume! So much so that I think we're going to reduce our weekly pickup! It's been great.

So that's life right now for the Heisserers: still eating (mostly) vegetarian, still not liking salad or tomatoes (well, that's just me actually) but planting a garden anyway, composting, still just taking life day-by-day. We also hired a nanny for the summer, who by happy accident  turned out to be vegan, so that made things much less complicated.

Oh, and our eldest just had his kindergarten graduation this past week. Good stuff. Life's actually going kind of okay right now (author looks around suspiciously).

But you might want to check back again on how I'm doing once [if] this garden actually starts growing and I have to figure out what to do with all of the produce!



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