Heissertarian: Day Two

1/19/13: Groceries Galore

I went grocery shopping and came home with about $300.00 of mainly vegetables and fruit, in addition to some vegan & vegetarian-type foods (seeds, nuts, vegan cheese, soy "chicken" nuggets, etc). To spend that amount of money--or even a little more--during a single trip to the grocery store is actually pretty typical for us; I don't particularly enjoy that duty and tend to put it off as long as possible--sometimes going a month or more between (major) trips. What I don't know for sure is how long $300.00 worth of THIS kind of food is going to last, but I figure if it ends up being more expensive to eat (and it likely will), I'm going to think of it as making an investment in our health now, to hopefully not have to make such an expensive investment in doctor visits, prescriptions, medical care, and hospitalizations later.

Juicing Recipe #2
Time: approximately 15 minutes
Serves: ~2 people (~24 oz?)


6 (organic!) carrots
1 apple (I think I used another honeycrisp)
2 handfuls of baby spinach (also organic)
1 chunk of (yep--organic) ginger (~1/2 inch slice? I really don't know how to describe ginger quantities yet--or interpret them from online recipes!)
1 sprig organic parsley (Really, not everything I bought was organic, but apparently just about everything in this recipe was!)
1 cup of water (in the blender this time)

So this time, I adapted my own 2-part process for making juice. First I rough-chopped everything and ran it through the food processor, minus the water. I did it in 2 batches. Then I transferred everything to my blender, in order to 1) eliminate the water explosion from the previous experience; and 2) to hopefully extract more of the vegetables' juices/nutrients/etc by processing everything more finely. I do think it worked a little better than using the food processor alone. Then I squeezed everything out (or as much as I could), using a cheesecloth.

That leads me to wonder something else--is cheesecloth reusable? I happened to have some already on hand but have never used it much, except for adding some mulling spices to apple cider about once or twice a year. So...can you rinse it out and use it again? Because at this rate I am burning through all of my cheesecloth. I probably should have "asked the internet" (as we say in our family), but I guess I'm asking all of you instead. :)

The Result

My in-laws were visiting, and my husband and kids were home, so I shared a taste with my mother-in-law (Holly), Nick, and the two boys. My father-in-law politely declined the offer. Holly liked it; Gavin (age 6) liked it; Nick liked it a LOT; I liked it; and Finnley (age 3) did NOT. I think what I would do next time would be to add a little more fruit for a slightly sweeter taste. Again, I faced the new "what do with all that pulp" dilemma; and this time I froze it. I'm planning to freeze enough to make my own vegetable broth as well as use it for breads and cakes.

Next challenge: begin trying to cook with all of these new foods!


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