2011 in Review

Merry Christmas...as usual, this past year kept us hopping! I think 2011 could be classified as the Year of the Family. Some of the highlights included...

January: We learn that is in fact not a good idea to let small children stay up late to celebrate The New Years holiday.

February: We get majorly schooled in the Valentine's Day expectations in Gavin's preschool class (truffles, stickers, and bracelets, anyone?); work on our basement begins to get exciting.

March: Finnley turns 2.

April: Kassie gets away for a weekend of card-making; we have our first family "tennants" temporarily staying with us (good thing we just finished the basement!).

May: Three family members move out; three more (plus one on the way) move in; Gavin graduates from his 3 & 4 yr-olds preschool class.

June: We purchase a swingset off Craig's List, transforming our backyard into a bona-fide playground!

July: We have our first family Stay-cation.

August: We celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary at the wedding of one of Kassie's co-workers. (Not surprisingly, we took almost no pictures, since we didn't bring our kids with!!)

September: Gavin starts 4-5 yr-olds preschool at a new school closer to home, and our nephew is born!

October: Our family turns 1; we celebrate family Thanksgiving-Christmas.

November: after almost 10 months of trial (and mostly error), we celebrate Finn's potty training success at last!

December: Gavin turns 5 (and of course, we celebrate Christmas).

To close: our kids' notes to Santa, to accompany this plate of cookies:

"Dear Santa:
Here are some cookies for you. Happy Christmas. I love you."

"Dear Santa:
I hope you have a nice Christmas today. Have a great day. And please give me some presents. Did you see our 'Santa Stop Here' sign outside? When you see stuff that doesn't belong to you, you can NOT touch it."

Merry Christmas, readers!


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