My House

Last week we started daycare. Well, to be more accurate, the boys started at daycare while Nick and I went back to work. All went smoothly, which was a great relief! 

However, we did get to experience The First of many conversations to come.

In the morning while we were all getting ready to drive to daycare for the first time, Nick was explaining to our three-year-old that he and his little brother would go to play (at the daycare provider's house) while Mommy and Daddy went to work. 

He understood this. (We had previously met the daycare provider, so he knew what Nick was describing.)

Then he asked Nick if he was staying there--in other words, if he was going to live there now.

Nick assured him that Mommy and Daddy were going to pick him and his brother up when we were finished with work--that he lives here now (at our house)--that this house is his house too.

He brightened up and said, "This is my house!"

And Nick said, "Yes it is."

And off we went to daycare. The first of many milestones to come.



  1. What a touching story Kassie! I am so excited for you all, and especially these two little boys that have been blessed to become part of your family. I am sure you are feeling blessed too! Still praying for you, and enjoying your blog about the journey!


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