Settling In & Venturing Out

With just eleven days together under our belts, it has felt as though time has gone quickly by and at the same time that we have always been doing this. Don't misunderstand: it has been a momentous challenge with crazy-big adjustments (I haven't been up before 7am on a regular basis since high school!), but it is amazing how from the start it just felt right.

We're continuing to learn a lot [example: don't put your head near a child when you've just informed him he is going to Time Out, expecting anything other than a full-body unfurling with a sure-fire shot to your cheekbone]. It's been fun. And hard. And exhausting. And fun. And did I mention hard and exhausting? And also fun? Yes. All of those things.

Since the boys (particularly the 3-yr-old) first met us as Nick and Kassie, we have been transitioning our names: Nick is Daddy Nick and I am Mommy Kassie, to ease any confusion over who we're talking about (since they just came from a home with a different Mommy and Daddy). It's been so cool to hear it begin to catch on, and especially when it comes out unprompted.

Mother's Day was a great day for us all: we ventured out to church for the first time, and all went smoothly; and we even managed to make it into a store all together with a successful purchase (a new coffee maker for me)!

(Please ignore the fact that I'm not wearing any makeup in this picture; some days it's a miracle I remember to brush my teeth!)

So, as I've been in the midst of all of this change and trying to soak it all in and digest what I can when I can, I've come to a couple of (not really earth-shattering, but for me, profound) conclusions. My own mom did daycare when I was growing up, so I came into this gig with quite a bit of prior experience about childcare in general. But being a parent is different, as all of you who happen to have that title know already. There's something magical about parenthood, maybe even more magical than childhood is. I had no idea that just THINKING of these two little guys can elicit a spontaneous smile out of me...and I'm not known for my extreme outward emotions. I also didn't realize, for example, that the best possible feeling in the world is when you make a child of those full-belly, full-body giggles that are accompanied by a face that looks up at you like you--YOU!--are the greatest person on the planet. And in that moment, you feel like it.



  1. Ben and Amy still like it and Ben likes that you are acting emotional. : )

  2. And for the record, you might just be THAT amazing. :)
    Great job my friend!


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