Blood, Vomit and Other Adventures

Today the four of us went together into town. It was a big day:

7:15 AM - Leave house, forgetting to bring toys for meeting later in the day.
8:00 AM - Drop 3-yr-old off at preschool, feed 14-mo-old breakfast in the car. Kassie notices he isn't eating as much as usual, but thinks nothing of it.
8:30 AM - Kassie meets with boss at a coffee shop; Nick runs errands.
9:30 AM - 14-mo-old vomits his breakfast up in the backseat while Nick is driving.
9:35 AM - Nick cleans up vomit from baby, car seat, and car; and carries a vomitous baby into WalMart to change his clothes.
10:00 AM - Nick arrives at coffee shop to swap with Kassie; (Kassie watches baby while Nick works).
10:30 AM - Nick never gets much work done.
10:45 AM - Pick up 3-yr-old from preschool.
10:50 AM - Stop at Subway to get lunch.
11:00 AM - Drive to park to eat lunch.
11:45 AM - Finish lunch.
11:46 AM - While walking to playground equipment, 3-yr-old falls on asphalt at park and scrapes nose. Tears.
11:47 AM - 14-mo-old falls harder on asphalt and scrapes nose and forehead. Tears, blood, and swelling.
11:50 AM - Play at park.
12:05 PM - Leave park to go to required agency worker meeting.
12:20 PM - Agency workers get to see hot, tired and scraped children while Nick and Kassie get to attempt to both have a meeting with a social worker and a case manager and supervise two small children in a room with no toys for an hour. Snacks and markers are brought in. 14-mo-old has dirty diaper. Children chase each other around the table and bang on large glass doors. Nap time is at 1:00 PM. Awesome.
1:20 PM - Leave meeting, shaking heads.
1:25 PM - Forget large paperwork binder on the top of the car.
1:26 PM - Drive away.
1:27 PM - Hear binder sliding off car and hitting street.
1:28 PM - Pick up binder and scattered paper.
1:29 PM - Both children fall asleep.
1:45 PM - Arrive at home. 
1:46 PM - Carry children into house and lay both down in beds.
1:47 PM - No sounds. Breathe sighs of relief.

So that was basically the first seven hours of the day. The rest of the day wasn't nearly as exciting. We played outside mostly...avoiding any further injuries. I filled out an Incident Report for our Case Manager to add to our file. (Lousy fresh blood and bruises...the 14-mo-old falls ALL THE TIME and has never gotten that banged up before! So much for our grandiose plan to avoid McDonald's for lunch today!) Also, I maxed out the memory card on my camera for the first time ever. Hmmm...must need a bigger one....

A few recent pictures of some of our less life-threatening moments together, in no particular order:

New Helmet

New Family Shower last Saturday

Dr. Seuss!

Discovering Ants

Waiting Your Turn is Hard Work






Oh, and PS: the vomiting was from teething. He did just fine the rest of the day. His third molar started poking through today or yesterday and I think he's working on the fourth one too now. Last week I went through six outfits in two days, but it was coming out the other end those times. Poor little guy!



  1. Oliver would do the same thing with teething - the vomit just got less and less with each new batch of teeth. You guys had an adventurous day - way to make it through to nap time!!


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