Ready, Set, Parent!

Well, we got word late last week from the boys' Social Worker that we might be "expecting" a bit sooner than even we thought! Depending on how quickly our license goes through, we could be welcoming the boys home during the first part of May, which is both exciting and a bit terrifying, to be honest. Mostly exciting though.

Then we also received word today from our Case Manager that the State made licensing changes, so we "get" to fill out even more paperwork! Nick recently commented that we have signed more paperwork for foster care licensing than when we did when buying our house. I would have to agree. leap forward and one simultaneous step back. Like the rest of the process, these two pieces of news constitute yet another round of...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it.... OKAYGOREALLYFASTNOWATTHESPEEDOFLIGHTORHYPERDRIVE,WHICHEVERISFASTERANDDONOTPASSGO;DONOTCOLLECTYOUR200DOLLARS!!! Then...wait for it....wait for it.... So, we'll see what happens.

In other news, this past weekend went well; no coffee catastrophes nor coffee-table-induced bruises to speak of. Mealtime has been an interesting blend of hits and misses, especially for the three-year-old [read: a lot of new and different-looking food on his plate and a lot of sad looks and "I don't want to like that" comments, which is how he says he doesn't like something], but this weekend I even had a hit with broccoli, of all things! Which just goes to show you that it never hurts to try...and that spin is a critical part of introducing new things--Nick and I have had a lot of "favorite foods" these past several weeks that we just happened to be eating during those particular conversations....

Also, the one-year-old is teething right now, and I have made several important observations about teething:

  1. Why would the process of tiny bone-pieces "erupting" through your gums make every possible orifice in your body eject (and reject) fluids? I don't really see the connection there.
  2. Thank goodness the majority of that process happens before you have the capacity to retain a memory of it!
  3. Teething makes it hard to sleep. For everyone.
  4. I'm not really a fan.
We have another weekend visit planned this coming weekend. Our continued challenge has been to try to preserve the boys' existing schedules, to help retain as much normalcy and continuity as possible amidst all of the present (and coming) changes, which has meant a lot of time at home for us. We are also mindful that although there are many loving friends and family out there just itching to meet them, we need to put the interests of the boys first and try to limit their exposure to new environments and people (not to mention that we can't travel out of the area anyway right now) as they adjust to (and bond with!) us...and we to them. The three-year-old, in particular, is a sensitive little guy, who visibly struggles both on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons with the adjustment into and out of a new household. He told me yesterday when we were getting ready to bring him back to his (current) home that his tummy hurt. 

Yes, change is hard. My tummy hurt a little too.



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