Well, things went as well as they could probably have gone under the circumstances. We brought the boys home to stay last night, and our 3-yr-old struggled at every transition point throughout the evening (getting into our car, getting out of our car, washing hands before dinner, eating dinner, bath-time, putting on pajamas, etc). The only time he DIDN'T struggle, surprisingly enough, was going to bed. Clearly he understood some of the substance of the conversations both his former foster mom and we have been having with him about coming to live with us "forever".

As I am learning, sleep does wonders for children, however, and this morning he was back to his sweet little self...his sweet little self with a penchant for touching the things on the counters he knows fully well he should not be touching. But I digress. Nick and I are thinking the true test for us all will be once 48 hours have gone by, since that was the typical length of time the boys had been staying with us in the past. Our one-year-old was just miserable today; he's cutting his third molar, and we are all feeling it. Poor little guy....

It was rather cold and damp outside today, but the sun did come out long enough to make it at least LOOK nice out, so we took the boys out for about 15 minutes of fresh air, and took our first photo as a whole family. And we'd like to share it with you, so here it is....

Not too shabby for setting a 10-second timer and placing a stuffed lamb next to the camera, eh? Enjoy the journey with us....



  1. Love the picture! Much love to your whole family!

  2. So, just found your blog... maybe you mentioned it before, but in the craziness that is life, i somehow forgot about it. i am so excited to catch up on what has been going on! thank you for sharing! and i love that he loves broccoli! :) and is the list to the right an updated list of things you guys could use? my love to you all, april

  3. Ben and Amy Roberts like it!!


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