Broccoli & Pizza

The boys come home to stay in just three nights. Wow. Forty-seven days ago, we were a family of two. In seventy-two hours, we will have doubled in size as a family. We will also have possibly set the world record for foster-care licensing, as we learned today that we will probably be licensed by the time the boys come home! Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday April 27) we have our final (cross your fingers!) meeting with our Case Manager, for one more go-round of home inspection and a paperwork training for when we're doing the foster care. Woo hoo--more paperwork! Can you FEEL the lack of enthusiasm in my written voice? ( the grand scope of life, I guess it really is a small price to pay for such an amazing journey....)

So, back to the more interesting people: the boys. Friday was a tougher evening this week; I think we're all feeling the strain of the in-and-outedness of our two lives as they continue to blend together. And yes, I just made up the word "outedness".

There was one bright spot on Friday night, however. Because the evening got off to a rather rough start, Nick and I determined to pick up a pizza on our way home. Our thinking was: familiar food that should go off without a hitch...right? Well, there was a kind of hitch, but really not what we had expected. The three-year-old, as I mentioned recently, is a fan of broccoli. So we had that with our pizza. And the broccoli is what he ate first. And then asked for more, but before he had finished the rest of the food on his plate. Which was pizza--just pizza. So I found myself, in the interest of consistency and following through on the way we always do mealtimes (which is: finish all of the food on your plate before getting seconds of anything), in the very interesting position of telling a child that he could certainly have more broccoli--once he finished his pizza.

Yeah. That's what I said. The words even felt wrong coming out of my mouth. I also tried not to make strange faces as Nick and I both tried not to laugh while shaking our heads in disbelief. But he did it, and he also did get a nice big second helping of broccoli...which he promptly scarfed up again in about two seconds flat. Fabulous. Oatmeal also went over well on Sunday morning, while regular chicken did not on Saturday for lunch. Go figure. I think it has more to do with all of the changes than the actual food being served. Our 3-year-old wasn't really himself for about the first 24 hours he was with us this weekend.

And because it just kills me that I can't share more pictures of OUR boys (wow...I think I can actually say that now with some semblance of certainty), here are at least some BACK shots of the kids. We took these the first day we met.

I'm sure these are the start of many more family pictures to come.



  1. How exciting!!! Congratulations! We'll be praying for you all!

    the Berggrens


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