The Boys Come Home

Just a quick post this evening: we received word today that the boys will be coming home to stay with us on April 30! 

Yep, that's right--just 9 days from now!

We're not licensed for foster care YET, but our Case Manager hopes we will be by May 1 or very soon after, and we got clearance from the county to provide respite care starting April 30 until we are licensed. The boys' current foster house was on the market and recently sold, and the family is moving to a new house during that weekend, which is what prompted the quick shift into our home.

We're very excited, and we both have some leave time from work planned during the month of May, so the four of us can really get to know each other. For those of you wondering, we'll try to let you know when it will be appropriate for you to meet the boys, and/or when we are cleared for venturing out of the immediate area! (I'm sure a lot of things will become clearer for us in the coming weeks.)

This weekend we'll be starting the conversation with the three-year-old about the boys coming to live with us permanently. I have no idea what that will look like and/or how much he'll even retain, but it's the start (we were advised by the county to start this process at this point).

I feel like SUCH a rookie in all of this...hoping I'll learn quickly--some of it has already been a steep learning curve...I have commented more than once that it's somewhat akin to drinking from a fire hose. (I didn't coin that phrase but I wish I had.)

Wish us luck!



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